CENSEO AV+Acoustics is at the cutting edge of today’s acoustical engineering and design. Our acoustical engineers use calculated test and measurement to assist architects in discovering the best solutions for difficult acoustic problems. With proper noise reduction measures, we help improve acoustic environments, make privacy improvements, and reduce the effects of noise pollution. We specialize our services in architectural acoustics, Audio/Visual systems design, noise and vibration control, environmental noise assessment, and other acoustical engineering services to meet design challenges on projects of any scale.


CENSEO’s team provides acoustic and A/V design solutions that include interrelated aspects of the project. Several details must be considered for a successful design. Our experience and focused expertise help us deliver the highest level of service.

Through research, sound test and measurement, and a systematic needs assessment; CENSEO’s acoustical engineers are able to design comprehensive solutions fitting to specific project needs. Because no two projects are exactly alike, we treat each as an individual – conducting thorough discovery, assessing the full situation, and custom-designing solutions. Our team has worked on projects both large and small. Finding unique solutions to best-fit the individual acoustical need is always our goal. Let us know how CENSEO help your team succeed.


Personalized service is our specialty. The advantage of being a small acoustical firm is that we get to know our clients individually. Listening to the wants and needs of our client and striving to match those desires with project standards is our goal. It’s important to us that the work we provide is a positive contribution to the whole. We achieve this through first understanding the vision and then applying our expertise.


Acoustic environments require professional noise assessment and comprehensively engineered design in order to maximize potential. At the core of our operational concept is our commitment to superior acoustical consulting and design engineering. Architects rely on our noise reduction measures and privacy improvements to help maximize:

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Vibration Mitigation
  • Environmental Noise Assessment
  • Noise Pollution Control
  • Sound Isolation
  • Noise Reduction Measures
  • Acoustic Problems

Our initiative involves awareness at a global level; we strive to influence partner industries through our example of detailed focus on exceptional design, precision in sound engineering, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our team is here to help your team deliver the best results possible.


CENSEO is an audio/visual and acoustics engineering firm, but our work helps educate students and speed recovery time for sick and wounded patients. How do we achieve such things through A/V and acoustical engineering? It’s our commitment to quality in design. Creating environments that consider both room acoustics and audio/visual design engineering for optimal functionality help reduce stress and improve success.

Classrooms and hospitals are just two examples of spaces we work with. Our engineering and design team is available to assist you. Below is a short list of ways we can help:

  • Audio/Visual Consultant
  • Multimedia System Design
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • Room Lighting and Shade Control Systems
  • Advanced Technology Solutions

That’s not all, we specialize in custom design for individual spaces. If you have an idea or a specific problem you would like to solve, contact us today, we enjoy creating quality solutions.

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